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Around, around, around


This morning I found out that I didn´t get the job but I still love the place so we went to eat at Sushi Cat. Oh, so good! We both took one Sushi Tiger and I also had Sushi Safari and Ginger Boost, he had two Sea Cats, one of them with rice. With the second round of Sea Cat he had found a perfect meal for himself. Much cheaper than our favorite sushi at Bestseller and you basically get twice as much for the same money.

Then met up with our course mate and went to cinema Kosmos to see Killers. Awesome movie. After that my roommate went back home and we went shopping and discovered the old town. We had lots of fun and took a lot of pictures 😛 In between we went to McDonalds and I took McFlurry with Daim 😛 It was great. But later I got a sugar overdose from Sprite 🙂

Got home for 9PM today 😀 Why is summer almost over again?! I need more summer!



Weird looks


This morning(Monday morning) I woke up about 9 AM(it´s Tuesday early morning right now – 12.35AM). Had a good refreshing shower and waited for my roommate to be ready to go out. He was awake all night long again. But as I was going out with a friend today, he didn´t want to spend all day inside either and we went out with plans for cocoa but ended up in Hesburger, did some shopping and he went back home.

Met up with my friend/ex and introduced him how to use public transport in Tallinn. One of the first thing we did was eating. Went to Vapiano where I took a mascarpone and strawberry dessert and he took a really good pasta. Can´t remember it´s name though. And then contacted with his friend who researched about the dormitory if my friend can go there too. So we went there and it came out that he really can stay there. Mainly because nobody else wants to stay there 😛 This place just isn´t the best place. Their room was better looking than my old dormitory room but the shower was worse 🙂

After the paperwork we walked back to the central city. It was about 20 minutes walk. Had to make a copy of their rooms keys because they only had one exemplar and then we just sat and talked until we had to move again.

My friend had a group interview for a job he attended to. I wish him all the best luck with that. While he was there I had a cappuccino and played some game on my phone. Then we had dinner and went to shop for groceries. Then it was already 9PM and we both went our own ways.

Got home for 10PM. It was a nice day! I enjoyed it a lot 😛 And I guess I got a lot of weird looks because of my cat ears today 😛 At least my friend told me that some people looked weird at me 😀