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I know so well how to make my life harder


So. Week and a half more till the big day 😀 And I just discovered that my blog has been rather popular this last week. Especially on Saturdays 😀 Thank you! See you again after a week then 😉

Tried some Hello Kitty marshmallows few weeks ago. Didn´t like those but still had to eat those as I already bought those and didn´t have any other sweets.And chemistry. Liked the color of the green liquid and just so you´d know, the yellow one colored the filter dark green and green one light green 😛 Very springlike.Nyaa-nyaa!


Just so you´d know


Sorry for not updating my blog for about a week now but I´m really busy or sleeping most of the time 🙂 There will probably be no blog posts until 10th of May but there might be some surprise posts in between if I have some extra time 😀 Though probably I use that time to go to cinema or something like that. Anyway, busy, busy, busy… and tired all the time 😦