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There´s no end to it


Here to say that I have failed in so many courses that I feel like it´s my first year at the university again and I haven´t learned anything so far. Fuuuuuu… There´s still so much to do 😦 Have to pull myself together to get closer to the fulfillment of my dream 😀 Eeeeh… hoping so much.Nyaa-nyaa!




When I got home after school there was a really big (fluffy) cat on the balcony. He didn´t run away or anything. Just sat there and looked out and acted a little weird as if sick or something. We have seen this cat around here before but didn´t know exactly where his home is so we decided to wait for a few hours and see if he goes away by himself or should we find some help. Few hours later there was a knock on our door. It was the cats owner who told us that the cat had run away on the way back from veterinary. And now I also know the cats name 😛 Happy ending!Nyaa-nyaa!