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Excuse me!


Yesterday I was really sleepy. The reason was that I couldn´t go to sleep after it was already pass 3 AM and I had set the wake up for 6 AM. Oh well. You do want to feel clean when you go out! Met up with Trixi and attended our schools information lesson or whatever should I call it. Got some useful information as in where to buy our school souvenirs 😛 Anyway I liked the tour. Afterward we had some artsy stuff to discover that was of course amazing!Nyaa-nyaa!


“I bring da pain!”


So yesterday I went to Jäätisepidu (Ice-Cream Party) at Tallinn Song festival grounds. I had two coupons that both were for one adult and one kid ticket. That´s why I asked two girls in front of me in the line how old are they and that they can get in free with us. Saved them some money 😀 Wanted some cotton candy but decided to wait with that. Wrong decision. They couldn´t give us any because they were out of sticks.An older Russian speaking man asked me to take a picture of him and some maskots. I had to ask some help afterward so I could understand where to send the pictures 😀The Soap-box Derby was awesome! I especially liked the tank… …and the person in a bear costume 😛Nyaa-nyaa!