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Because, it´s my home


Yesterday I was called from the place I ran for a job that sadly my personal qualities are not what it takes for this job and wished me all the best for future. Well, I´m not going to give up! I´ll find a job that I´ll fit for! 😛

A little trip to Haapsalu and back for the first part of the schooling that helps me get rid of the green leaves. Tomorrow should have been the second part but they had some difficulties so it was rescheduled for next Wednesday.And lastly, I went to the Night Song festival for the first time before going home. Got there just when they started singing Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään. Awesome feeling! And then they sang it one more time, but I had to leave half way through to catch my bus and go home to sleep.
But things don´t always go as you wish. That is why I had to finish cleaning in the middle of the night and when it was already two a clock and I wanted to go to sleep, my roommate had an idea to go buy some food as I was too tired to make any for him. I agreed and so it is that we decided not to go to school today 😳 We got back home about 4 o´clock to finally get some sleep.Nyaa-nyaa!


Bright feelings

Hi!This Friday morning I woke up 8 AM, got myself ready to go out and walked to the bus stop with a little shiver in my chest. It was the day of second job interview in my whole life so of course I was a little bit nervous. Will I hit the right place already on the first try? What´ll they think of me? And what are the working hours 😛 The answer to the first question is, that yes, I went straight to the right place 😛 The second answer I got from my friend also working there – they seemed to think that I am efficient 😀 But we´ll see if I get to the try out or not. Also got the answer to my last question but that´s not important now. Anyway the people there were just as positive and fun as I had heard 😛 I think it was a really nice morning and nothing can change that!Nyaa-nyaa!