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Persistent silence


So here I am again after a long long pause. Since last time there have been some events I have attended like BiFi-s Party to welcome our new biology and physics students 😛 We gathered in the school lobby, gave them tails and noses, walked to Tammsaare park to play some games, walked to Vabaduse Väljak to play football 😛 and then it was the time to tell the oath and start the party! Awesome people, awesome party! Had lots of fun 😛Yeah! It was already some time ago. Oh, I forgot that I attended to a last stage thingy with my driving school to get rid of green leaves so I went to Haapsalu on Tuesday evening to go to Pärnu the next morning with everybody. Luckily a guy I was in the same car with took me back to Tallinn so I got there just on time for afternoon lessons and for the party I talked about just now.

Went to Chinese restaurant Peking at old town few days before that actually. Nice little place! Great service, tasty food 😛 I recommend! I think my roommate had pork with peanuts (super tasty) and fried banana with honey. I had sweet and sour chicken and fried bananas with toffee and ice cream (also super tasty).Then we went to Hiiumaa to a friend´s birthday. We had to take our own food/drink and dress up like in first class 😀 I only remembered the first part so I only had a dalmatian T-shirt that I borrowed. At least we got lots of food and drinks 😀 Another good party!We went to the country side (visited my roommate´s family) last week 😀 Actually studied and spent some time with Tiiger. Also fed the dogs (I am a little afraid of dogs) so I had to go inside their fences to put their food ready 😀 They have really beautiful huskys 😛 But the one I´m obsessed with is still their cat Tiiger 😆Nyaa-nyaa!