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Last of December


Whole month has gone by with sleepy days and sickness. I don´t think I made it to school once this month 😳 Hope for better new year!On the first weekend of December I went home to start making Christmas present for my roommate but we didn´t find all the necessary components for it from my hometown. So while we were shopping I told mom that I have been hungry for some thick soup for few weeks already. We went home and she had it already ready for me :O I was really surprised! As if she was a mind reader. She told me that when I had mentioned that I wanted that soup she was really happy but didn´t want to say anything because she wanted to surprise me 😀 She had made that soup because last time I went home I told her that it´s the only red soup that I really like 😛 It was delicious!The next week we went to Gotsu with my roommate. Love the chicken there! Hope to go there again soon 😛 But before that we did some shopping because I needed some things for my school´s Christmas party.Bought myself a pair of red high heels. Have to practice walking with these a little but otherwise they are perfect. Actually it was a pretty good coincidence that I had to buy shoes because I got to choose a belt for free with them 😛 And I already got those shoes 30% cheaper 😀 Pretty good day! In the end didn´t go to the party after all and fell sick 🙄 And i had to go home with a snowstorm kind of weather but before getting on the bus I still had to walk to Ülemiste to buy the missing components for the present. Actually didn´t understand that I was very sick (or didn´t want to admit it) before I got back to Tallinn though my father had made me some strong herbal tea beacause of my coughing. My roommate made me take my temperature and called for advice how to reduce my coughing. So it was another (also last) week away from school.And then it was family time again. Finished the gift and celebrated Christmas with my family! That means going outside together and putting candles on spruce. This year mother also bough a Chinese lantern 😛The next day I was off to Hiiumaa for a week 😀 And I almost didn´t go because of coughing but they still made me go and I don´t regret it. I had a great time!