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I need an answer! Are you the one?


My time at home went pretty peacefully. Got my hair cut on Friday and played a little with my dog on Sunday. Got some good sleep. Best food made by mom. Home is like heaven! Only thing is that it´s cold in and out at winter time. Well stove helps against that 😛 And of course it´s the best to sleep in your own bed. To finish this up, here are some pictures from the time I spent at home:Nyaa-nyaa!


Flowers born from ice


Came home on Thursday evening 😀 While waiting for Mammu to finish her work I sat in the car and took pictures of snow flowers. Hahaa, she told me to warm the car (engine and from inside aswell) but in the end I only warmed the engine and understood that it´s still cold in the car and the heat is not on about 20 minutes later. At least it got warm enough by the time she finished.