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Constructing the world around us


We were talking about our childhood with few of my course mates and discussed about nowadays and future childhood and what we think how things should be. In the end I was leaded to a suitcase full of Lego blocks 😛I didn´t have many Legos in my childhood but still enough to build houses and later we got our own horses as well. Before that we had to call our older brother so he would come and visit us and bring some of his own for us to play for few hours. Haha, it was always fun!So, anyway. When I saw all those pieces and block I just couldn´t help myself and had to build something. And as girly as I am I built a house 😆 With bedroom, toilet, living room, up stairs surveillance room, an aquarium, a treasure chest and kitchen with grill, refrigerator and dish washer. And a dragon to guard the house and for traveling purposes. My roommate built a car 😛 Awesome!Nyaa-nyaa!


Majestic like a cat


My lovely Wild Cat bought me a little copy of herself from her trip to Egypt. Now I have a miniature Wild Cat to bring me luck and all the awesomeness in the world 😆Nyaa-nyaa!