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When death happens…


This has been emotionally difficult month for me. But we can overcome anything, right? Well, at least the month started good. Haha, the first weekend was the last time we went to gym. That was also the first weekend I went to watch kiiking competition that took place in Pärnu.It was a bit scary to watch when they were upside down. Haha, and I am a bit scared of hights or in this case I don´t like the feeling of leaving my guts somewhere. Anyway it was awesome! Though not many people had come to watch it. And I put my thoughts about male and female moodswings on paper. Can you guess which line is for male and which for female moodswings?In the early morning of 8th of March I received this super cute gift from my roommate! And it was hiding Raffaello in it 😛 And in the evening we got together with girlfriends but I left early to go to cinema with my roommate.The same weekend we went to Hiiumaa 😛 That was a nice trip. But after we came back there was nothing good waiting for us. Since 16th we spent a week in Pärnu without doing anything productive.OK. This is a lie. I discovered that there is a deadline for a homework and started dealing with that and of course there was a math exam that I horribly failed. But at least we went to Rapla County before the exam for few hours to fix the car so I spent it to play a little with the cat and just relax.On Sunday evening we went to Vabaduse Väljak to the tribute to the victims of deportation. I wanted to put a candle for my grandmother and others but there weren´t the candles I wanted in the shop so we didn´t buy any. When we got there I discovered that I could have bought another kind of candle as well. Well, anyway, it was beautiful. Probably should make another post just for it.And the next evening I went to watch stars on the top of Linnahall but it was cloudy and we just watched some objects in the city. We had to finish when it started to snow.Another post coming just for that as well. And some more home cooking 😆 No pictures of pasta that I made because it was a total fail.Nyaa-nyaa!


We are not alone in this world


I´m just going to share some pictures from February this time. Yes, I know I have been a bad blogger but I hope you´ll forgive me.

I don´t remember much from February anymore. But pictures remind me there were a lot of good food. Like this awesome dessert:I also made a delicious salad! Something like Caesar salad. Want to make it again but the ingredients cost so much and we accidentally didn´t get our subsistence allowance from school because we were late to apply for it 😥One evening we saw a white rabbit on the rode. I couldn´t get my camera out quick enough so by the time I was ready to take pictures it had started to jump around. It came right next to my side of the car, went back in front of it, jumped continuously left and right so we switched off the light. It went off the rode and when we continued our ride (lights on again) we saw it run a few tens of meters away from us at the same direction as we did. That was interesting! A race with a rabbit! But we were quicker 😛And then there was a night with few drinks. Those pictured were awful! I don´t like the strong taste of alcohol but I never quit trying 😕 At least whipped cream was great! Haha! I love it! Oh, and Carlsberg is not included to awful drinks section!And my roommate put his new hookah into use again. First time was right when he got it. We didn´t even go to school that morning because he was so happy about it and wanted to try it out right away :mrgreen:And my very first time to use Monday special offer at Solaris and buy this expensive ice cream 50% off the price 😛Nyaa-nyaa!