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When you let me be a panda on your back


On Wednesday morning I had a little hike with members of one of my lectures. And that´s why I had to wake up 5 o’clock in the morning, make some warm sandwiches and run on the first bus. It was pretty interesting but almost every time we were asked what plant this or that is I felt really stupid. At least I know what Achillea is 😛 And then we had to listen to the birds and remember how they sing and look like. Exam next week. Wish me luck! After the hike I still had go to school for two 1,5 hour lectures. First one was painful enough, trying not to sleep. The second one I basically just slept through. And I´m sitting pretty much in front of the room. What could I do? One second I´m looking at the teacher and the next I discover myself sleeping. Anyway, here are the pictures from Wednesday. Enjoy!Nyaa-nyaa!


We are going to Japan!


Hahaa. Trying to dress according to weather.Today after school I decided to walk around in the shops for a bit. Bought myself a new drink again to try out – tastes like multi nectar.I would have liked to buy Pull&Bear empty 😆 There were just so many nice and summery items. But left empty handed 😦 Well at least Seppälä has many discounts and favorable bids at the moment so I got myself few headbands I had wanted since I first saw them. They were on sale 3 for the price of 2. 😛Oh and yeah! We are really going to Japan this summer 😛 From the center of July till the beginning of September 😛 I´m so happy and waiting forward to it 😛