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I dreamed a dream and there were demons



She used to be smarter than that


Guess what… I´m back. Or at least I hope so. This non-stop studying since the end of April till this morning 5 AM has been killing me. There was even some panic about if I CAN graduate this spring. At least all the exams have been successfully, or not so successfully, passed and all I have to worry about now is protecting my Bachelor thesis 😯 Well in between studying I also got out a bit to get some food and I still had to attend school on some days etc. And there has been so many beautiful sunny days. I could only comfort myself with more beautiful days to come. And got my TestiJulgelt package again. This time I ordered BREAD from internet :mrgreen: Hahaa! But at least now I know what to use to make quick snacks 😛 And now it´s picture time. It´s going to be one big blur of colors I´d say.Nyaa-nyaa!