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Enne oli nii ja nüüd on teisiti…




Rain and stuff

Yes, yes! I know you want to see my travel pictures and hear all the stories but I took like 6000 pictures/videos so it takes some time to choose from them. Instead I´ll talk about my first school week 😀 After all, I´m in masters degree now.

My first school week started on September 17th. On Monday I discovered that, wow, I and Kuro are not the only ones in masters degree after all. There are two others from previous years, one in both of our courses – like one physics teacher and one theoretical physics. And I have only one lesson on Monday and from Wednesday to Friday. Tuesday is the longest day – from morning till afternoon (3 lessons). But Monday lesson is always so boring and we mostly have to do everything at home anyway so we basically just sit around. Oh and I got this new cover from between one Japanese magazine that are just so beautiful so I bought the cheapest diary, cut its covers to fit the new one and tadaa, I have a beautiful diary 😀Tuesday was long as I already told you. This time though one of the teachers was on a trip so I got 2 hours of free time in between the lessons and had my favorite cake at the school cafe 😀 Just so good! Had like 2 cakes in between the lessons and one more with a meal after the lessons.  I just couldn´t stay awake in my last lesson (it repeated this week as well) and so I didn´t understand much. Oh and I love these posters for freshmen party 😀 and my outfit that day. Felt like I´m a wolf. And in the evening there was a new cat on our balcony who looked pretty lost and was meowing like that as well but was a bit scared so it run away.On Wednesday we discovered that we have lesson with our dear course mates again and have left behind in our studies because of that. Went to eat at the cafe all together after the lesson but we had so much to talk about that I was the last one eating and the cafe was about to be closed so in the end I was trying to eat super fast and the lady there gave me paper cup and plate so I could eat my dessert somewhere else. So caring! 😀 After eating my cake I went to wait for Kuro and discovered that there are Confucius Institute Movie Nights this year as well so I hope to visit few of these :mrgreen:Thursday went pretty calmly. My only lesson was canceled so I just sat around with my computer, had lunch with Kuro, went to the library to get required books and in the evening dragged Kuro to Kadriorg to see Terminaator 8) Awesome!Next morning I had to meet up with my parents to go see my brothers ceremony in draft, had a little tour and saw a former classmate, had a lunch and a little walk with my parents and went to school for my only lesson. I think it was the most interesting lesson of whole week. At least we had some good discussion there.Nyaa-nyaa!