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The last of Movember


So this mustache growing and raising awareness of men´s health month is almost over. Just few more minutes and it´ll be December. Kuro is probably going to stick to it for longer than just this month, though he is more into growing his beard than mustaches. This morning he decided to sleep in and later when we went to school after all he got the time wrong and I decided to turn it into my advantage. I let him take few pictures of the very cute me 😛 Usually I have to take pictures myself as he is always at school and the only time it´s possible to take some normal pictures is around noon. Anyway, that´s what came out of it all today.Picture 1195KurograafPicture 1200Nyaa-nyaa!




This morning, after staying up till midnight (again) and waking up few times in the night, we all got up 9 in the morning, I warmed up the last evenings leftovers (mashed potatoes with bacon cubes) and Kuro left with our dear guest. It seems like I´m going to stay up “late” today as well. Hahaa. Just got used to waking up 8/9 in the morning and going to sleep around 10 in the evening so I don´t want to go back to the all day tired mode. And here are some pictures from today 😀Nyaa-nyaa!