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Brighten your life with some gold dust


I guess things are getting back on track and I´m as bright as always. Today I didn´t have any lessons so I could sleep till noon but I still felt pretty tired. Also tried to do something fun with my nails. Pretty happy with how they came out 😛Picture 1177 ootd2Nyaa-nyaa!


Sweets refill needed


Started my day with postponing my alarm for 45 minutes, then for 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes. After that I had 10 minutes to get ready and get out of the door. Well, I made it. Had a nice little breakfast at Oaas that consisted of omelette, plum juice and bread cream. The bread cream was really delicious. Going to take it next time as well 😛Picture 1169On Saturday I made the best pasta that I have evet made. Fried a bit of chopped onion, then poured it over with some tomato paste (maybe 0,5 deciliters), 1/3 tea spoons of extra spicy chilli sauce that Kuro´s brother brought from Maroko and some whipped cream. Added a teaspoon of honey and some salt, pepper and basil. Have made it twice already. Quick and tasty, just what I need when I don´t have a lot of time to cook a proper meal.Picture 1147Nyaa-nyaa!