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And then it went BOOM


Shame on me for being a bad updater. Anyway. Pictures from Chinese New Years event. And good bye February!Picture 1339 Picture 1344 Picture 1355 Picture 1356 Picture 1360 Picture 1409 Picture 1436 Picture 1459 Picture 1466Nyaa-nyaa!


Rubber ice cream


The third day in Japan we spent mostly indoors.12It was just incredibly hot every day we spent there so we were like:”Can´t move, too hot. Shower, shower…” Hahaa.34Anyway. In the evening we finally decided to move a little and our host showed us around where one of the train stations is on the way to a little Chinese restaurant. Oh, how I love that you can go to a restaurant any time you want in Japan. If I would live in Japan, I would rather sleep at daytime and live at night time.5And back to the topic. Another good thing about Japan is that water or green tea is mostly for free. Many places, that I would consider Japanese fast food places, had water pitchers half full of ice filled with water on the table already waiting for you, so you could drink as much as you want while waiting for your food and eating. Also, these were filled as soon as they noticed or you asked.67After we had gotten back to “our home” our host offered us some pretty weird ice cream. It was packed in rubber tube and you had to cut off its tip so the ice cream started to come out of the top thanks to the pressure the rubber was causing on ice cream. We were worn that we should be careful with it because it “explodes” at some point and he was right. Near the very end it exploded because the pressure of the rubber overcame the pressure of the ice cream (physics :lol:) so all the ice cream flew out of the tube. Luckily I had it in my mouth by the tip at that moment so no mess and it felt really funny but Kuro was less lucky and lost some. That´s it for this time.8Nyaa-nyaa!