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So, you are gluttony?


Today (or rather since 9 PM last evening) we (I, Kuro and Jossu) were so hungry today that we decided to eat out somewhere. The deciding process ended up being pretty stupid and long because Kuro wanted a burger but I didn´t and Jossu just wanted something fresh and then there was the time factor so I named all the food places that I knew were still open but then came in the price factor and where to park the car. And most importantly, I and Jossu didn´t really know what we wanted to eat so we said pretty random things like a huge cake or ice cream that aren´t very good on an empty stomach.
In the end we decided for Asian place nearby our university. We ordered so much food, but as I was there with two big guys like them it ended up being just enough for all of us. We also ordered Indian Masala tea, that I really like. Thank you, Sunshine, for that recommendation. Made me all warm inside. I don´t know how they make it there but it reminded us a little bit of green tea. About 17 minutes before closing we discovered that we should hurry up and finish our dishes and I hadn´t even got my dessert yet (because we were all still eating you know) but luckily we all managed and left just a few minutes before closing with our bellies full of nommies 😛
And now it´s 7.33 AM and it´s already getting light outside, but as I couldn´t sleep last night because guys woke me up when they went to sleep, I´m still awake after having two 3 hour naps in the daytime. Haha… btw. The first nap ended with me talking to Kuro through sleep because I saw that one youtuber, Zoella, was pregnant so all her fellow youtubers came together to celebrate and as there weren´t any more ways to celebrate it even better she was gifted with two white Wolksvagen Beetle cars with silver floral detailing running from back to front and one of those even had silver stars on the cowling.
But that wasn´t all. These Beetles only had two seats (very sports car like) and they had different rear ends – one had more like the slide on the back and other one had a curvier bump like rear. It´s so hard to describe.
So I was looking at these cars and in my dream Kuro asked me just as he would in the real life: “What´s the point of this kind of cars? Like…” And that´s where his sentence was cut off for some reason so I tried to answer him that I actually like these, especially the one with stars, and ask him what he wanted to say, but it was really hard to talk and I ended up talking through my sleep to get the words out. In the end it came out that it was himself who didn´t let him finish whatever he was about to say because he was poking me in real life to wake me up. Anyway, that was a long description of my short dream. Just felt like sharing it.

P.S! Can´t get over this song (in the beginning of my post)!