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Getting lost so you could find me


Picture 007Yesterday ended very nicely. After a little stroll on the city I had found myself a perfect new purse. My last one had waited for a replacement for a few years already. So I´ve been looking around for a long time already. But there has always been something that isn´t quite right: coin purse without a zipper, golden details (I perefer silver) and high price. The last has been the biggest put off. So when I saw this one I was a little hesitant at first because of the golden details but after thinking a while and considering the price I decided to get it after all. All in all, it is a very pretty purse after all.
Of course I had to visit the book store as well and that´s where I found myself this new little buddy. My new pet called Clover. It was overpriced but you know – you want it, you buy it (or let your boyfriend buy it for you as I did). And the day ended with a new magazine in my mailbox.