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Cookies and juice


This morning we woke up to take part of a playtest day that was held in Tallinn University at GameFounders rooms. I was ready to just sit and watch how Kuro plays and took my magazines with me but it came out to be very different from what I thought it will be. We got to test out 8 different games from 7 different studios and had a lot of fun!Picture 046bThere was that one game that I made a high score in at some point of testing games by playing about 3 times. Kuro was the last one to test it out and was determined to beat this high score without knowing it was mine. When he heard that it was my score he said: “Now I HAVE to beat it!” and finally achieved his goal. After playing all the games and giving feedback on them, everyone got a GameFounders reflective slap wrap. And of course I can´t leave out the free snacks – they had the best cookies and kids juice packs 😆 More info about the GameFounders here and here.