… easy to break!



Today was the day I finally visited the Titanic exhibition at the Seaplane Harbour. Done! Now I don´t have to regret that I didn´t visit it or something like that. I´m happy and excited. I don´t really know why I´m so excited now that it´s done but I am.Picture 065Kuro and I got to the Harbour just about 5 PM and there was a tiny queue that didn´t stop growing even after our arrival. I was a little bit surprised because it is Wednesday after all and we were pretty late ourselves – only a little less than 2 hours to see the exhibition. First thing I really liked was the Titanic model with tiny people figures and other details. Beautiful!.Picture 067The next was a dining room door just before the passenger corridor (also very beautiful). I was thinking if to take a picture of it or not but ended up not taking it and now I regret it. It was gorgeous! White door with black window frame. And of course I can´t leave out the famous staircase. That´s where Kuro surprised me and asked if I wanted to go up there as well to take a picture 😛 He usually doesn´t understand why I have to take pictures of everything and everywhere. But I got my pictures! Well they are taken with his old phone so the quality is terrible but these´ll do. Now I regret not using his new phone for those pictures 😦Picture 069Hahaa… actually there is one more favorite. The biggest wrench I have seen with my own eyes. I wonder how many people were needed to rise it?! Anyway, enough for today!Picture 074Nyaa-nyaa!


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