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Used up: winter 2013 – 2014


This is my very first empties post. Really wanted to post one because I like watching/reading others empties videos/posts. Because I´m really slow at using up products I decided to do it only seasonally. So here are the products I have used up this winter.Picture 091Picture 027Claudia Jansen Peachwash (180 g) helped me a lot when I bought it in Japan. My skin was in a horrific condition with lots of pimples because of the humidity and hot weather but when I started using this, my skins condition got much better.  But when I got back to Estonia it didn´t help at all. Even though it has a really nice silky consistency it was too drying and didn´t come off my skin leaving some chalky patches on my cheeks. It says on the tube that it has a light fragrance of fresh peach but I didn´t recognize any hints of it. Smells like any other soap. So in the end it just sat in the drawer for a long time but decided to use it up after all. When you travel it is a nice and cheap (about 2 euros I think) help for your skin if you have a combined-oily skin like I do but otherwise I wouldn´t recommend it.
Avon Solutions Winter Fabulously Clean Cleanser (200 ml) has a soapy fragrance as well. Is supposed to help the winter damaged skin. Don´t really know what to say about that. It did have a nice consistency (didn´t run away from your fingers but not really like a paste either) but for winter dry skin it doesn´t really seem to help. I think that it is rather drying.
B&V® Bitэkc® Ginseng Face Scrub with Microgranules (100 ml) has microgranules in three different size in it but I think the biggest ones were a bit too big. Felt really rough at first but I did get used to it over time. Also has a really runny consistency so be careful not to spill all of the product you just sqeezed on your fingers. Even though it is just a facial scrub it is pretty moisturizing. Skin doesn´t feel dried out and too squeaky. So in the end I quite liked it but probably won´t buy it again because I like softer scrubs better.
Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask (75 g) is a very sweet smelling sticky mask (stays nicely on your face). But I had my troubles with it. I tried using it over a sink but I hate doing that. It´s always so messy using masks and facial washes over sink. So I used it under shower instead. But you know, it´s made of oatmeal so you might (and most definitely will) clog your drain with it (as did I but only once). So I had to take my washing bowl under the shower to rinse it off over it. What a bother! But my face did feel more hydrated after that (at winter time I get rather dry than oily skin).Picture 028Dialfa Pharmaceuticals Hello Kitty Wild Strawberry Shampoo-Shower Gel (250 ml) is a bit of a funny product. It´s a jelly like gel so when you try to get it out of the tube it will be sucked back in if you wont “cut” through the spring before easing the pressure. It says on the tube that it has pH 5,5 and no SLS and parabens. Can´t comment on that department. Only used it for my hair as I already had a shower gel. Doesn´t lather up very well unless you apply it just after wetting your hair. The longer you wait after wetting your hair the less it will lather. Nevertheless it will get your hair clean either way. And smells like these old 40-60 Estonian cent chewing gums – sweet and kind of powdery.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Liquid Silk (200 ml) is my most used hair conditioner. Worked well on making my hair easier to comb through and smelled good. Nothing miraculous here, my hand just reached for it every time I needed a new conditioner.Picture 039Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly (100 g) is a really fun product. Smells overly sweet and filled my whole bathroom with its smell (though it will fade over time). I used it as a hand soap. It feels exactly like jelly when you pick it up, lathers well and breaks somewhat easily if you are not careful (especially if you have long nails). I don´t have long nails but I put it on my soap dish the same way it was in the pot so gravity did its job and broke it into pieces. That´s why you should hold them the same way they do in Lush shop – bigger part down. That´s also the reason I used it up so fast. After it was already broke into pieces I only used one piece at a time but these pieces broke into many more pieces when you used them and fell into sink and went down the drain. Also, this jelly jam went under my soap dish while sitting on it and these little particles started to ferment under there. So, that wasn´t nice! Otherwise I really liked it but I´m not sure if I´ll buy it again because of all the trouble of making it survive and Kuro doesn´t like that it smells so strongly and fragrances our bathroom – he´s more into subtle not so overwhelming fragrances.
Lush Twilight Shower Gel (100 g) smells like caramelised sugar in the bottle (in my opinion) and like lavender when you actually use it. Love this spicy smell! The smell won´t stay on your body for long. But if used on hair your hair will smell nice and spicy for quite a while. Oh and don´t mind the liquid inside the bottle on the picture. I´m actually already reusing the bottle and have a shampoo in it so it would be easier to take with me wherever I go. The actual product was deep purple with shimmer in it. The shimmer did settle in the bottom of the bottle though and didn´t mix with the product even when shaken. It only slowly glided by the walls if you stood the bottle upside down or on the side.Picture 041Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion (200 ml) has a very runny consistency and sweetish very perfume like smell but doesn´t really remind me of cherry blossoms. As it is lotion it isn´t a strong moisturizer but still helped. Mainly used it for my body because it was too light for my winter dry hands. Won´t purchase again.
Nurme Seep Rose facial toner for all skin types (100 ml) smells exactly like a rose and has only one ingredient – Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate. It´s ment to refresh and care for your face while calming and supporting your skins natural balance. I actually didn´t use it as a face spray but to clean my face because I found out that I don´t like spraying my face 😀 It was kind of annoying to use it for that purpose because of the spray but I managed. Didn´t notice any bad or good effects. Left the face smelling nice and rosy. Also it is pretty pricy for a toner.
Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream (50 ml) is a very strong moisturizer and has a subtle sweet fragrance. At first I didn´t like this cream because I already felt oily enough and it just sat there waiting for me to use it. But after I accidentally dried out my skin with all the acne treatments I was using I saw it´s good side and started using it every evening. Didn´t stop using it even at summer time – just put less on my face – and was very pleased with my skin. Might repurchase if I won´t find anything better.

Hope you liked this post.



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