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31. Sunset


I still haven´t caught the sunset on picture but I hope that soon I will.

Update! I have caught the sunset. Almost a month later but I did it. Here you go.Picture 227Nyaa-nyaa!


30. Side view


I told you some time ago that I had made an unplanned (kind of planned) purchase. Well here they are – my new friends for the summer. I had wanted something like that since I had worn out the ones I took with me to Japan. Didn´t think I´d buy something as expensive though but these Nike saddle leather shoes were on sale and were a perfect fit so I decided to take these home with me. You know when you are searching for something specific and can´t find the perfect one anywhere and then when you finally find the one you just can´t let it slip away from your fingers – that´s why I bought these. These were perfect. And I must admit that these still are. Haven´t had any problems with rubbing so far so it´s great!Picture 011bNyaa-nyaa!