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Month full of rain


So another month has passed by and that can only mean one thing. It´s time for all the pictures I haven´t shared yet. I know I just made one of those posts but the last one was just late.

√ I had read that this ice cream Jäämurdja had won an award so I just had to try it out. Pretty good, I must say. But I´m not a big fan of chocolate glaze. And the cactus glaze ice cream was really sweet or maybe it just seemed so as I had not eaten anything that day.
√ I love it when a garden is a bit wild but not yet a jungle. Back then there were still a few dandelions waiting to let their seeds fly away with the wind. A magical time.
√ Packed all our little ones and the rest of the stuff in a bag and moved to Pärnu for summer.
√ Kuro took me to Rooftop cinema to eat some noms from MoMo. Love the food but it´s pretty expensive there.Picture 1√ Moon on June 10th.
√ Peonies make a nice bouquet, don´t they? And the smell! Amazing!
√ Moon on June 12th.
√ Watched 22 Jump street and had a Ice Age smoothie for little noms. And Kuros Banana split shake. I think I found a new favorite.Picture 2√ Of course I had to take a lot of pictures of Hugo. He is super cute and super naughty. Had to move around all the plants in the house because of him. Only one left on it´s rightful place is a fern that´s sitting in the room where I sleep because I can just close the door when he is too naughty. But he moved back upstairs for now anyway so it doesn´t matter. And… we take walkies with him on a leash so he wouldn´t get lost. So, Trixi, now I have done that as well. Pretty funny.Picture 3/First time ever that I have had a coconut that I can actually drink fresh coconut juice from. Who wants to buy me a ticket to Thailand?
/There was a light show on the Vallikääru (Moat) meadow on June 20th. I think it was a pretty nice light installation though I was expecting something else of it. And it all ended with sailboats parade and fireworks.
/The sun came out for a little bit so I took a little walk by the riverside.Picture 4Nyaa-nyaa!


Used up: spring 2014


Picture 132It´s time for a quarterly empties post again. Hope you had a wonderful spring and will have even better summer. So here we go again.Picture 127Avon Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub (125 ml) is definitely my all time favorite facial scrub! Nice texture (like a tooth paste), tiny scrubbing particles that aren´t too rough on skin, nice cooling sensation because of menthol and helps my skin stay clear.

L´oreal Dermo-Expertise Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Waterproof (125 ml) was an OK make-up remover. First one I ever tried and as it removed waterproof mascara I didn´t feel like I need to try something else and kept buying it. Though it´s not supposed to leave your skin oily it still did but it absorbed after a while so it didn´t bother me.Picture 123Schwarzkopf Schauma Repair & Care Conditioner (200 ml) was a good conditioner and had nice sweet nutty smell. Felt nice and rich when applied. Not much to say about that.

Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Shower Gel (200 ml) had a bit sweeter perfume like fragrance than the body lotion that I talked about here. Lathered up very well but didn´t notice the moisturizing effect, still needed to apply the moisturizer after the shower.

Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment body scrub (225 ml) filled my bathroom with amazing vanilla pudding scent, had a creamy/pudding texture with small scrubbing particles. Didn´t like the texture because of the scrubbing particles.

Avon Skin So Soft soft & smooth shave gel (150 ml) is my favorite shaving gel as already mentioned in one of the previous posts. This blue gel smells nice and exotic, makes shaving much easier and leaves skin soft and smooth just as the name suggests. It had only one downside – that is, it stuck to my legs so even after rinsing my legs they felt sticky so I had to wash them again (now the formula has been updated a little so it doesn´t do it anymore). Other thing is the packaging. The cap was a bit hard to handle as it only closed in one certain way (also been updated with a better cap now).Picture 129Avon Solutions Winter Enjoy The Day Cream SPF 15 (50 ml) was a nice cream to use through the winter keeping my face nicely moisturized and made it look more alive. But because it has little shiny particles in it, you should also be careful not to put on too much.

Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion (50 ml) was one of my favorites as well and fought well against blemishes but I do find it pretty drying so it shouldn´t be used too often and an extra moisturizer is needed. Also need to be careful with the pump or you´ll have it all over the place. If you press it down nice and slow you can nicely dose an exact amount of product you want. Also, it contains an A.H.A. that may increase skins sensitivity to the sun so a use of sunscreen and limiting sun exposure is recommended.

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub (25 g) I bought because I had heard good things about it before but I´m not much of a fan myself. It does everything it´s supposed to but I´m just not into using it so I pretty much forgot to use it for long periods of time until I found it again and saw that there is only 3 months left till it expires and put it next to my computer so I could use it when I´m bored and waiting for something. Have to admit that though I used it up nicely I basically ate half of it 😆 because it was so tasty.

Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System (20 ml) contains an under eye cream and a gel for eyelid and brow bone area. As I myself didn´t understand the effect again I asked Kuro and he said the same thing again – when I didn´t use it my under eyes were pretty dark but for the last year they have been nice and light. So it works! But I would like to try something new for now. If I get disappointed again, I´ll probably get back into using this again.

That´s all for this time. Seems like I´m a big Avon lover. See you soon!