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Different experiences


Summer is going by so fast. Only one more month and it will be autumn and school will start again. Have to use every day to it´s full potential or regret not doing so in the end. But here are some pictures of where I´ve been at, what I´ve seen and done.

√Kuro made me some delicious sandwiches and cut watermelon for dessert.
√On the day that we visited Hanseatic Day Kuro took me out to eat some sushi in Silk Sushi Bar. It was delicious as always!
√Saw a duck family that was quickly swimming into hiding. Still really cute!
√Hugo was staring at the water running from the tap. He still does that and tries to attack it with teeth and claws.Picture 001√Another picture of my friends cat in Hiiumaa.
√Morning Moon. To be exact, it was taken 6.40 AM. And yes, I like to take pictures of Moon and I´d like to take pictures of starry night sky as well but haven´t found a way yet.
√Estonian ice cream. Liked the pistachio one better. And they also have great vanilla ice cream.
√As I have always lived by the sea I had never swam anywhere but in the sea (and ocean). Last Friday was the first time I swam in a lake. And there were many carp in it´s sandy bottom. You can compare the one in the picture with my footprint in the sand (the only full print). I´d say it´s pretty big. And the water was so warm.Picture 002Nyaa-nyaa!


OOTD: Sunwashed


This week has been super hot so I´ve been wearing this dress as it´s nice and airy and spent most of the days in water. Mostly at Pärnu beach. Even though it was full of people I had a great time.Picture 548cPicture 552aPicture 554bDress: Stradivarius/ Hat: Lindex.

How do you spend hot days like these?