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Do you want to know…


…what I´m up to?Picture 170Well pretty much nothing. Just going crazy before payday finding all cute and soft things from shops wanting to own them all. Right now it looks like the New Yorker is the place to shop at.Picture 172 Picture 173Then there was an event at Solaris where I found these cute piggies and tried some Estonian beef jerky. Mmmmm… Picture 175Later on met up with Kuro, bought some sea buckthorn drink, ate some pancakes and watched The drop.Picture 177Nyaa-nyaa!


It arrived in color


√So in the beginning of September I fell ill and had to spend my days indoors. Still, it didn´t stop me from enjoying the beautiful view from the window or cookies and tea, or looking at Tiiger sleeping calmly on a blanket.September1√Kuro and I took a walk in Pärnu, enjoyed a nice weather while sitting at the beach and played with Hugo who´s gotten a bit fatty but still enjoys a little hide and seek.September2√On last day of September Kuro, Jossu and I went to Chopsticks in Pärnu but as Kuro got the call from chimney sweeper just as we had made our order. So Jossu and I stayed to wait for our food and Kuro to come back. In the end we just sat there for about an hour and a half with food getting cold under our noses while waiting for Kuro and starving 😆 In the end we asked for the food to be packed to go and ate it in front of the Chopsticks when he finally arrived. We finished the evening by watching The equalizer at Apollo cinema.
√Saw black swans in Kadriorg for the first time and enjoyed the warm but gloomy day.September3Nyaa-nyaa!