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Used up: summer 2014


A really late quarterly empties post but you´ll survive, I´m sure of it.Picture 330Dialfa Pharmaceuticals Hello Kitty Banana & Coconut Shampoo-Shower Gel (250 ml) works just as the Wild Strawberry one that I mentioned here but smells strongly of bananas. Even Kuro was like: “Where does this banana smell come from?”
Lush Twilight Shower Gel (100 ml) is still my favorite. Why, oh why doesn´t Lush sell it anymore?!
ROHTO Mentholatum SUNPLAY Super Cool SPF 50+ PA+++ (30 g/27 ml) was rather interesting for me. It was a sunscreen milk with menthol scent. As it´s been a while since I used it I´m not sure anymore but if I remember correctly then it had a bit chalky milk consistency when applied and did have a light cooling sensation to it. Also it didn´t feel as greasy as our typical sunscreens here. In Japan I used it all over – body and face – but in Estonia it didn´t feel fitting for my face. But I´d still buy it again!Picture 319Ingli Pai Toner for sensitive and acne prone skin (also oily skin) (150 ml) is my favorite toner of all times. I can use it all over my face including eye area (good for compress as Ingli Pai suggests), it cleanses as promised and smells nice. Also it only consists of three components: water, lavender and chamomile. So it doesn´t irritate my skin even more unlike my tests with new face products (mostly in recent years). Definitely my companion for years to come.
Avon Solutions Complete Balance Day Oil-Free Mattifier SPF 15 (50 ml) was a complete disaster. It caused my skin to break out and made my skin pretty itchy (all this mostly on my decollete). It took a week to get rid of pimples but even longer for the itching to go away after I stopped using it. But I still managed to use it up – by using it as a lotion for my legs: a part of my body that didn´t care what I used to moisturize it with.
Sebamed Lip Defense Stick SPF 30 is another one of my favorites because it really helped my lips at their worst times. Actually something that Kuro bought me when I was sick a few years ago. It´s also pretty rare for me to use a lip balm till it´s really gone as I tend to lose or have accidents with them (only my second or third one to be used up).

A lot of loves from summer as it seems. Next one should be up in a months time and then I´ll talk all about my Autumn empties.



Last bits of October


√Had a nice day with Sunshine. It was cold and I wore a dress but I survived!
√Super gloomy day and super tired me but I had to get out. So I discovered that there´s a nice St. Patrick’s in Old Town.
√This picture just fits here. After all, it was October!
√She is a pretty good model, don´t you think so?Oktoober1Nyaa-nyaa!