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Let´s go for a walk


The spring has sneaked by and it´s more and more tempting to go out and enjoy the weather. Already dreaming of beach days and grilling some sausages. But as long as weather and sea aren´t ready for me I´ll have to accept with walks in the forest and to a local food store.Picture 182 Picture 199Nyaa-nyaa!


Week in food


I have so many food pictures from the beginning of April and all of them fit into one week. Thursday ended with a quick fried zucchini snack. One of my favorites.Picture 171Then I was at work so no cooking or eating out by me and we move on to Tuesday. This little rice bowl topped with tuna and some fresh goodies has become this months most popular joice for a meal. Quick and easy it fills our bellies with tasty goodness.Picture 181On Wednesday we decided to vistit Gotsu as we were going out to get Kuros laptop and it was on our way. Gotsu really is a treat!Picture 185Kuro chose Chicken thigh and vegetables with sweet soy sauce and Fried chicken with garlic-chilli sauce.Picture 187I ordered the last dish as well but chose something sweet as well and I think this Banana fritters with matcha ice cream was a great joice (sorry for not the greatest shot there).Picture 190And on Thursday we had a consultation at school so here´s my “appetising” meal – chicken and rice.Picture 192What would your week in food look like? Bon appetite!