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Used up: spring 2015


A very late empties post it is but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. (It was summer! You rest when it´s summer! Right!?)DSCN4602√ Dialfa Pharmaceuticals Hello Kitty Candy Floss Shampoo-Shower Gel (500 ml) has a nice pump bottle so it´s easier to use but that´s also one of the reasons I used it as a hand soap not as a shampoo or shower gel (other reason was being out of soap). Just as the two last ones here and here it sais to have no SLS and no parabens and has a pH 5,5. Smells like ice cream Chewitch (?) and Draakon candy.

√ Pantene PRO-V Volume & Body Shampoo for Fine Hair (250 ml) didn´t leave my hair greasy or weight it down. Has the typical shampoo scent. I liked it. Nothing else to say about it.

√ Fa Vitamin & Power Vitamin B + Honey Melon Shower Gel (250 ml) had a strong sweet scent that started to annoy me in the end. Sadly I don´t remember much about this product but it did it´s job as a shower job.

√ Avon Skin So Soft soft & smooth shave gel (150 ml) is my favorite as you already know. This is the first tube with the new formula though (old one). Has all the good qualities of the old formula – exotic scent, makes shaving easier, leaves skin soft and smooth and has also lost some of the bad traits. Doesn´t leave skin sticky and the cap is much easier to close. Yup, I will buy more of this! Most definitely!DSCN4607√ Sim Sensitive Argan Care Miracle elixir Oil Treatment (50 ml) has a nice but strong scent that I really don´t know how to describe but has a good staying power. The product description sais:

A rejuvenating pure organic Argan oil treatment to instantly boost hair, giving it a smooth and healthy look. Adds brilliant shine, smoothes damaged hair and split ends. Ensures long-term conditioning without leaving unwanted residue.

Use: Apply a small amount of oil to your palms and spread throughout damp or dry hair. Do not rinse.

It has a gel like liquid texture. It´s colorless and absorbs quickly to hair without leaving your hands oily. Helped against frizz in the hair. Has a airless pump packaging so it´s easy to use. Loved it!

√ Puhas Loodus Apple Peeling Deep Cleansing Cream (75 ml) had a much nicer texture than my last facial scrub. It´s a proper cream with little scrubbing particles. Cleanses your skin nice and deep. Leaves the skin clean but I did feel the need to moisturize my skin afterwards in this dry season. In summer I just used my toner after using this and was ready to go. My face needs this product in every three days (just as often as I need to wash my hair) otherwise there will be consequences.

√ Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Spot fighting 24hr moisturiser (50 ml) has the same kind of airless pump packaging as the Argan Oil Treatment but the packaging is a bit seethrough so you can actually see how much product is left. The product has a gel-cream texture, felt good on the skin and helped to treat and keep spots at bay. Might purchase again.

√ Maybelline One-by-One Waterproof Mascara is definitely my favorite mascara of all times. Has an oval very flexible silicone brush. Easy to use and doesn´t add to much product at once – no clumping, no smudging or crumbling (can swim all you want).