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Dreaming of beach days


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Used up: summer 2015


It´s time again to introduce you my empties from last three months.DSCN5326√ Yves Rocher Pur Désir de LILAS Shower Gel (200 ml) has a strong lilac scent but doesn´t seem to linger on skin for long. Or I just get used to it? Anyway, it does it´s job. I still have another bottle of it left so I will be using it again but probably in the spring time when I crave for more florar and spring like scents.

√ Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Hair Mask (200 ml). I started to use it somewhere in January and finished it up somewhere in August so it lasted me a while, but I did use it sparingly. I used it in place of a hair conditioner most of the time and it did a really good job. Can´t really describe the scent… definitely not sweet. Hmmm… strong. Not a very green scent either. Don´t really know if olive products always smell like that either so you can be the judge if you ever try/have tried it. Might buy again as I really liked it but still have two other hair masks from Planet Spa to try out so I might find another favorite before purchasing a new one.

√ Ingli Pai Toner for sensitive and acne prone skin (also oily skin) (150 ml). You know I love it!

√ Avon Anew Clinical Hydra Recovery Overnight Mask (50 ml) is a new favorite. It´s a transparent gel with tiny shea pearls in it. Smells a bit like pharmacy (medications) to me. May feel sticky if you apply too much. Skin feels instantly more hydrated and I felt like my skin is more plump(?) (as a baby´s bottom) and looks younger and healthier the next day. Also has a beautiful packaging. Will purchase again!