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The long awaited


It feels like nothing has changed since my first years in University. Still the same old daily circle: wake up – go to school work – go grocery shopping – get home – eat something – sleep. And I don´t really know what to do with my days off besides staying in the bed all day long and reading blogs/listening to music/watching youtube videos. I just don´t seem to have much to blog about anymore. And when I do, I´ll just leave it for some other day when I might have a mood to do so.

Now on to why I´m actually here today 😛 Last week Coca-Cola Plaza opened a Scape Auditorium so I was just talking with Kuro about it when going to cinema and when I looked at where our movie will be shown I discovered for my surprise that it´ll be the very same one we were talking about. Pan surprised with a powerful music scene but otherwise it was what you could expect. Also got these little bottles with our drinks as it was Coca-Colas birthday week.DSCN5494And when it was finally time to go to sleep I just couldn´t. In the end Kuro woke up too so we decided to drink the sparkling wine we got for our graduation.DSCN5497But Monday was much brighter as Mammu came to visit. She stayed at my brothers place so I run over and we drank caramel tea, talked about life, had a short walk around the city, visited Juustukuningad cheese shop, that had this cute calf standing outside, Kalev candy store where we diccovered these new rice and corn sweets (corn one being my favorite of the two) and ended up for a meal in Vapiano.DSCN5506After that we got back to brothers place to prepare him a quick meal for when he gets back from work and after that we went all together to cinema to meet up with Kuro and see The Martian in Scape Auditorium. It had been long since the both of them had been to cinema so it was a must!DSCN5508The next day I showed Mammu Tallinn Old Town and we had a lunch in Kompressor. Good thing we took one pancake for the two of us as it was very filling. And later in the evening Kuro joined us and we visited Tallinn TV Tower.DSCN5512Kuro had been there once before restoration as well but otherwise it was the first time to be there for all of us. I was really excited when I discovered a gift shop on our way out. Got two Eti magnets and an Eti soap, leaving only one magnet for myself and exchanging the others for a bar of chocolate from Mammu.DSCN5529Nyaa-nyaa!


Under the Red Moon


Last weekend was pretty heavy with sleepless nights. First of all, on my three days off I started to go to sleep rather in the early mornings than late evenings so that on the last free evening I couldn´t  fall asleep until somewhere between 2 and 3 and even after that I woke up many times during the night. The next evening we went to celebrate my nieces´ birthday with billiards and of course we couldn´t make ourselves leave early. So on Sunday at work I read that there will be a full lunar eclipse on the coming night and I really wanted to see it. We had planned to go to Pärnu anyway that night so it seemed like a perfect plan. I didn´t see the point to wake up for the beginning of the nor for the half eclipse and put alarm on 10 minutes before the time mentioned for the full eclipse to happen. But we were both sleepless when we arrived to Pärnu so we watched a few eppisodes of The Parasite anime and ended up going to sleep around 2 again. So waking up at 5 AM didn´t feel like the best idea but we did. Of course the Moon wasn´t at the location I was used to seeing it because I had never looked at the moon at that time of day in Pärnu so it took some time to find it. Super happy that we chose to wake up and go look at the Red Moon. A bit sad that I still haven´t gotten very skillful with using my camera at night and dark.DSCN5436Luckily the next morning we didn´t have to wake up until 12 AM but it was still hard. Felt as if we were still in uni and had exams again. And on Tuesday I fell ill. Decided to go to work nevertheless, but packed fever medicine with me. Luckily I felt much better on my second work day but even now I still haven´t fully recovered yet: coughing, head feels heavy and hurts from time to time, a low fever in the evenings. Well and we also managed to have another adventure with Kuro. Went to have a nice end of summer celebration this weekend with Kuros brother and our mutual friends. Such a nice place!